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What Are the Best Ways to Remove Spots From Car Windows

Posted on 08-Aug-2018 10:04:00

Hard water spots are usually caused by deposits of minerals like calcium and magnesium that is found in water. After the water falls onto the car, the water eventually evaporates leaving behind mineral deposits in the form of small dots on the surface of your car. It can be particularly noticeable on car windows.

You may find that washing your car at home or in an automatic car wash leads to these spots forming, particularly if you don’t take the time to dry your car completely. In some cases soap that is not washed off properly will also cause spots that are more easily removed, this can often happen after automatic and do-it-yourself car washes where the rinsing process may be rushed.




If you’ve ruled out soap scum and stubborn spots remain, you’ll need to find a more specific way to remove the spots. Due to the minerals that they contain, hard water spots left on your windows are alkaline. This means an acidic product is usually required to remove them. There are plenty of ‘off the shelf’ acidic cleaners and home remedies for removing spots however, as with all acidic and abrasive cleaners comes a risk to your health, your car and the environment. There needs to be extra care taken to ensure that the windows are not scratched and that any acidic cleaners do not come into contacts with the paint surface or your skin.

The other option is to leave it up to the experts at your nearest car wash, where experienced staff will use the correct products and tools to remove the spots safely for you. There is more work involved than a standard window clean, so you’ll likely need a more thorough service. After your wash the staff will also dry your car and the windows thoroughly, which is key to ensuring new spots are avoided. Regular washing will also ensure that your car stays in tip-top condition.

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