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Have You Ever Thought About Joining the Magic Team?

Posted on 20-Nov-2018 19:21:00

At Magic, we’re absolutely passionate about delivering high standards time and time again to our loyal customers and creating working environments where our teams can thrive. It’s crucial to us that we build teams of energetic people who are invested in learning and delivering our car-washing craft. We’re always on the lookout for talent, so check out our range of roles to see if there is something that suits you or someone you know.

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Topics: Employment

What to Look for in a Casual Job for Teenagers

Posted on 17-May-2018 12:22:31

The time comes around all too quickly - your child is now a teenager who has started to dream about making their own income rather than relying on you to supply them with pocket money. Or, is it that you have started to dream about your child becoming independent with a cash flow of their own? Often by the ages of 15 or 16 in Australia, kids are chasing down opportunities for casual work - and their parents want to help them to find a suitable job that will teach them life skills, whilst remaining fun and easy to fit around school and sport commitments.

When it’s time for your teenager to find a casual job, it can be challenging to know how to steer them towards the right opportunity. Every parent wants their child to find a job that will enrich their life and provide them with practical knowledge. Furthermore, great casual work will teach teenagers skills they can apply to their everyday lives and future careers. While there are some great training and mentorship programs available through the likes of fast-food businesses, these casual jobs don’t necessarily provide the healthy, active environments you envisaged for your child’s first job. So, what should you look for to help them find the right fit?


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Topics: Employment

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