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Emanuel Gauci-Seddon on Magic's Fleet Services

Posted on 01-Oct-2018 09:00:00

We sat down with Magic’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Emanuel Gauci-Seddon, to chat about our fleet services and how they’re geared towards helping you streamline the maintenance of your fleet vehicles.

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How To Get The Best Trade-in Price

Posted on 09-May-2018 13:35:00

You’ve finally decided that you’re in the market for a new car, but what are you going to do with your current daily driver when your new pride and joy comes home? You certainly don’t want your former love sitting around gathering bird-droppings and racking up another year of rego to pay before you get around to listing it for sale. One option is to negotiate a trade-in with the dealer when your eyeing off the latest, greatest model. It’s true that you’re probably going to get less return on a trade-in than selling privately, but you are able to avoid what can be a painful and time-consuming process of dealing with tyre-kickers and no-shows. If you’re thinking about negotiating a trade-in then these tips will help you on your way with your friendly New Car Salesman.

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A Clean Fleet Is Crucial to Brand’s Image

Posted on 07-May-2018 13:35:00

When your fleet acts as a moving billboard, what could be more important to your brand’s image than ensuring every vehicle is always shiny and clean? Whether your vehicles are on the freeway or in a backstreet, there is nowhere to hide when vehicles are sporting your logo - your brand is on show for all to see. Even in a logo-less fleet, when your drivers are picking up clients or parking in sight of the person about to sign off that lucrative deal, dirty duco or a grubby interior is not going to leave the impression you’d hoped they’d make.

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