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How to clean your car's headlights

Posted on 19-Feb-2019 06:01:00

Over time, headlights can begin to discolour and show signs of damage caused by UV rays, This damage can lead to a yellowing effect that not only looks unsightly but can reduce the effectiveness of your headlights. We take a look at the best way to return your headlights to their former glory.


Regular Washing

Headlights should be washed regularly along with the rest of your car to keep them clear and effective. Ideally, you should aim to wash your car a minimum of monthly, anywhere up to weekly in order to keep your car in tip-top condition. Regular dirt and grime on your headlights will be taken care of during this regular routine, however, if washing makes no difference to the appearance of your headlights you may be dealing with true UV damage.

Car Headlight Restoration


Headlight Restoration

When the hard coat of the headlight casing has begun to oxidise and turn yellow unfortunately, no amount of washing will help. Along with discolouration, headlights can develop small cracks in them called ‘crazing’ which can also affect how well your headlights operate at night. There’s the potential for this damage to affect the brightness of your lights which can become dangerous.

Atomic Coatings system Klar can reverse the issue by restoring the surface of the headlight to its former glory. Klar provides a deep clean and polish of the headlight surface to bring it back to new and increase its overall performance and lifetime, not to mention is appearance.

Klar features:

  • Guaranteed to shine brighter

  • Improved night visibility

  • Increased lifetime of headlights

  • Economical & Environmentally friendly

  • Reverses the effects of oxidation and crazing


To make a booking, register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

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