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A State of the Art Wash + a Free Coffee at Magic Richmond

Posted on 26-Nov-2018 19:23:00

Your car says a lot about you, so when you’re on the road all the time there’s nothing better than a regular wash to help you put your best foot forward.

At Magic Richmond, regular washing is an absolute breeze! Your car will travel through our state of the art, automated tunnel wash in around 3 minutes. We use soft cloth brushes to perfectly clean duco, then wax and dry to give you unlimited sparkle.

We have monthly unlimited memberships to our Wash Club available for $30. Plus, we have now added an annual membership to the Wash Club for just $299 per year. Your car will be the cleanest on the block all year round.

That’s not the only thing that’s different at Magic Richmond - enjoy a free coffee with each and every wash! Sip and relax while your car gets the royal treatment and you’ll leave feeling fresh and ready to take on your day.

Topics: Car Care

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