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The Best Way to Remove Brake Dust From My Wheels

Posted on 16-Jul-2018 10:24:00

If you’ve ever seen a car with baked on brake dust you’ll know how unsightly it becomes as the layers of dust build up over time. Not only can brake dust become corrosive if left unattended, but when you do finally clean the brake dust away you can scratch the surface of your rims and even your paintwork by moving the brake dust around if you’re not using the right cleaning products. 

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Our Favourite Road Trips Out of Perth

Posted on 09-Jul-2018 10:30:31

You’ve treated your car to a gleaming hand wash, now it’s time to show it off and take to the road for a West Australian getaway.

Whether you have a day, a weekend or a week to explore, get your driving playlist ready for a road trip that will have you feeling like you’re starring in a car commercial. Cruise through country hills, past glistening coastlines, spectacular deserts and enjoy some of our favourite scenic rides and trips out of Perth.

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What Are the Benefits of Owning a Franchise?

Posted on 02-Jul-2018 09:58:00

Have you ever thought about owning your own business and wondered whether you’d be better off starting from scratch or joining a franchise? We explore some of the benefits of owning a franchise compared to starting from square one:

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OLED Car Light Technology Hits the Market

Posted on 29-Jun-2018 10:00:00

LED lighting has become the norm in car manufacturing over the last ten years. As technology has advanced so has LED technology, and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) have been a focus of car lighting discussion for a number of years. OLED lights are made from organic, carbon based materials and take the form of a thin, flexible and transparent film. They emit a high-contrast light and are extremely homogeneous in nature, which makes them highly desirable for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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Topics: Innovation

The Benefits and Challenges of Autonomous Driving Technology

Posted on 22-Jun-2018 09:52:00

The most difficult challenge associated with technological advancement to date may be for humans to relinquish complete control of the driving experience to technology. Autonomously driven cars will use a multitude of technologies to replace the decision making processes that previously belonged to the driver. 

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Dealer vs Private - How Should You Sell Your Car?

Posted on 18-Jun-2018 08:46:00

There comes a time for many drivers when they decide to sell or upgrade their car. Whether your goal is to buy a newer model, something more family friendly or to fund a European holiday - you’ll be looking to sell for the best price, or perhaps in the quickest time possible and least hassle. No matter if you choose a traditional trade-in with the car dealership or used car business or to sell your vehicle privately, there are certainly pros and cons. With the proliferation of online car sale listings and auctions there is lots of food for thought on the best way to move your car onto its new owner. So how do you decide which way is best for you? We look at the key considerations to help you decide.

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How to Clean Interior Spills in Your Car

Posted on 15-Jun-2018 09:24:00

When it comes to spills in your car, there is not much that can more quickly and lead to not-so-pleasant smells developing and lingering in your daily drive. Not to mention unsightly stains that make driving your car less than a dream. Whether your morning caffeine hit overflows from time to time or you’re carting around a tribe of kids and dealing with juice, ice-cream and (god-forbid) vomit, it’s important to stay on top of spills as they happen in order to avoid staining and foul smells setting in place. Application of hydrophobic interior protection products for fabrics and regular leather treatments are the best precaution to safeguard your surfaces. This is often an optional extra when you purchase a car, but you can also get a great deal on interior protection at your local hand car wash - often for a fraction of the price that the dealership will sell it to you for.

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Do Waterless Car Washes Scratch Paint?

Posted on 14-Jun-2018 09:39:00

Just like with most things in life, when you decide to cut corners problems can start to appear. Whilst waterless car wash products might seem like a good idea in theory, using this method to regularly wash your car can be disastrous for your duco. We take a closer look at some of the risks of using waterless washing products.

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Regular Washing and Waxing to Help Extend the Life of Your Duco

Posted on 12-Jun-2018 22:33:51

Keeping your car in tip-top condition doesn’t have to be a chore. While regular washing helps to maintain your duco, adding wax to the equation is important to avoid fading and staining which can be caused by exposure to the elements and things like bird droppings and acid rain.

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What Does Detailing a Car Involve?

Posted on 04-Jun-2018 16:00:00

When it comes to car detailing, there are a number of areas of your car that can benefit from a focused clean. A showroom finish is all down to the tools and technique you use, and a bad job can end in disaster. Below, we explore the different areas of your car that could use some extra attention and what’s involved in detailing those areas.

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